The capital city of the smallest state in the United States and a place we call home. Full of activities, Providence known as 'The Creative Capital' is the perfect size for a night out in the city with attractions such as the Providence Water Fires and Thayer St. 

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    A roster filled with plenty of talent from all different levels of play. Talent from NCAA Division I, II, III, to Professional Youth Academy programs over seas. Our players come from all walks of life and different cultures, including American, Cape Verdian, Colombian, Mexican, and Portuguese. We mesh together and define what it means to be a Rogue. We grind with a "never say die" demeanor in each and every game. 

Photo Credit:  ms.akr

Photo Credit: ms.akr


    A band of men putting in the work day in and day out with one common goal in mind of getting better than we were yesterday. Luckily we are a team on and off the field, constantly celebrating every match whether victory or defeat. As a Rogue, being a part of the team means we support one another on and off the field.