The perfect team — 

Tristan Lewis, General Manager

Started this club in 2015 in order to bring together a family of people and local businesses. Soccer and the players involved in this are integral to the overall picture of becoming a Club, but more important than that by far are the connections between us, our families, our sponsors and friends. If we are to grow, this is especially true. Hence our motto- “No Man Is Bigger Than the Club”!

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Photo Credit: Mitya Ku

Jason Rego - Assistant Manager, Social Media Manager & Treasurer

Constantly trying to apply his Finance degree thought process to expand the Rogues. If something is wrong or looks like crap on the website blame this guy.  Follow us on every social media 

  • Twitter - @fc_providence
  • Instagram - @ProvidenceCityFC
  • Facebook - @RoguesFutbol



 Matt Lee - Assistant Manager, Field & Logistics Coordinator

Here is the nice guy of the team. Matt is the reason why we are able to have Brown University as our home field. He keeps order within the chaotic Rogues.

 Eddy - Media Manager -Photo & Video content

Easily the most creative and social guy on the squad. You can thank him for any photo or video pertaining to Rogues, along with designing Rogue accessories. Along with being creative Eddy is the manager of our summer FA 1 squad. 


Alonso - Apparel Designer 

As the co-owner of Just Soccer a local soccer store in Warwick fulfilling all of your soccer needs, he supplies the Rogues with our game day kits and athletic apparel. He is credited with designing the Rogue skull and badge. Check out our 'Shop' where you can view some of the apparel supplied by Just Soccer.